At Winters Farm we raise beef, pork and chicken. We use no antibiotics or growth hormones. We keep our quantities low to ensure quality.

Our Hereford cattle are 100% grass-fed & finished. They are given free-choice hay in addition to alfalfa pellets. During the winter months, they have access to 4 acres of wooded pasture. During the summer months, they rotationally graze an additional 8 acres. 

We raise a variety of heritage breed pigs including Mulefoot, Berkshire, Hereford and Yorkshire. Our pigs are given open access to the outdoors. They are fed grain and a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy and high quality breads depending on availability. 

We pasture-raise Cornish-Cross broilers in the spring, summer and fall. We use a Joel Salatin-style chicken tractor, which enables us to move them to fresh grass daily. They are given grain in addition to the grass and bugs they find outside. 

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Rehoboth, Ma

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